Okay, You're in Charge!

Just this week we paid the fees to secure the rights for our 2014-15 season. The season’s directors and producers are on board, and the schedule for auditions/rehearsals/shows is in the books. At this point there is not much more to do than to let the plan run its course. Without having expressly said so, […]

Amusement or Art, That is the Question.

Why do we do this? Why does a small group of people give their time, energy, and some money to “put on plays?”  There must be something to it. In our local area alone, you find a lot of people engaged in this activity.  But again, why?  I suppose individually there are those of us […]

The 60/40 Rule

Regular readers of this blog (assuming there are such people) will note that I have been absent for a number of weeks. Many thanks to those that filled in while I was basking on the very sunny shores of our 50th State.   Vacation, however, like all things including this brutal winter, must end, and it […]

Happy Birthday VYT!

February 14 is a special day. For most, it’s a day to celebrate love. For VYT, it’s a day to celebrate a birthday. Seven years ago on Valentine's Day, VYT was incorporated and officially became a partner of the Village Players. VYT was founded, as its mission states, to offer theatrical programs that inspire and […]

That's Why It's Called a 'Produc"-tion

Theatrical Producer: In the world of professional theater, the producer generally is in charge of raising or providing and managing the financial resource for a play, and has overall responsibility the financial success of the production. One of my favorite movies is the 1968 production of The Producers starring Zero Mostel as Max Bialystock, a once […]