We have two levels of membership: Basic and Active.

Basic Membership is $45 and allows you to perform on our stage in any and all shows throughout the season.

Active Membership is $75 and gives you the same perks as Basic Membership plus you can get one free ticket to each show in the season – a great value!

Membership Renewal Instructions

Before you click the appropriate button at the bottom of this page please read the instructions below (don’t worry, the links wilL open in a new tab/window).

Click the Checkout button on this screen. If the button is not a clickable link, then click the arrow to the right of the 0 to make it a 1 and you should now be able to click Checkout.

Your second screen should look something like this. Where you can continue to shop or in your case you will probably just want to click Continue.

At this next screen you will want to click Login so you can login to pull your account information properly, then you will be able to click through the rest of the Checkout process properly. If you are a brand new member to us then you will need to fill out the fields below the gray box (and it should create a new account for you).