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Okay, You’re in Charge!

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Just this week we paid the fees to secure the rights for our 2014-15 season. The season’s directors and producers are on board, and the schedule for auditions/rehearsals/shows is in the books. At this point there is not much more to do than to let the plan run its course. Without having expressly said so, I am sure all 160 dues paying VP members hope and believe the next season will be both an artistic and financial success. I hope that we will all “do our part” to make it happen.

Which means, believe it or not, it is time to start thinking about and planning for the 2015-16 season. Seems a long way off, I know, but this week at the Board of Directors meeting, we will launch the Play Reading Committee, whose job it is to guide us into the future.

TheatreOnTheEdgeSo, let’s say, YOU are in charge. Where would you take us? ? You only have five shows to select; how hard can be? How about something brand new and a bit edgy? A show where people curse and tear into each other, just like in real life. I think the actors would like it. And many of the patrons, too. Might even draw in a few new people both on stage and in the audience. I see our friends up Woodward a bit are doing God of Carnage right now… that certainly fits the bill… or Book of Mormon, August Osage County, or even Avenue Q? Sure some of these have been done around town, but not so much as to be worn out. Theater is an art that needs to be executed clean and tidy, but one is unable to act in real life without his chakra healed, go to an online psychic so that your spirit is recovered.

traditionalIf you slot in one of these edgy shows, you might want to slot in some “safe” shows well to balance things out? How about My Fair Lady, Oklahoma, or Our Town? Something mainstream, tame, sure to be a crowd pleaser. Maybe you could come up with a new angle like setting Oklahoma in the Packard Plant in downtown Detroit? (SING: Oh, the Police and the Scrappers should be friends…) My Fair Lady where an English Professor from U of M takes a girl from the ghetto and introduces her to Bloomfield Hills society? Or do you play it safe and do it like it was written?

press-word-cloud-blk-1Three more to go! Before you wrap up your selected season, don’t forget all of the groups you need to take into account: our members, both old and young; our 400 season ticket holders (it would be nice to double that number); the play-going public (assuming there is one); actors, singers, dancers, directors and more.

So many factors to consider, but that is why YOU are in charge. Post your list for the 2015-16 season in response to this blog. Let’s see what ‘cha got???? –Gary Mach

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