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The 60/40 Rule

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Caribbean Vacation Beach HammockRegular readers of this blog (assuming there are such people) will note that I have been absent for a number of weeks. Many thanks to those that filled in while I was basking on the very sunny shores of our 50th State.   Vacation, however, like all things including this brutal winter, must end, and it is high time to get back to work! I had an amazing time in african safaris for vacation, and I just wish that vacations last for eternity. I can’t wait to go back again next year, I am longing for it every single day I work at my job.

With the closing of the successful “Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean,” we are now 60% through our slate of shows.  Our “season” is winding down; we have just four months to complete all of our goals for the year. At the start of the year I challenged all Board of Directors, including myself, to identify a “project of improvement” for the theatrer.  I note that many of these great ideas, including mine, are not yet fully formed or launched.  There is still time, but no time to spare. One of our shining successes has been the revitalization of “The Prompter.” I trust that all of the members appreciate the hard work and results delivered by Laura Bradshaw.  Great Job!

gas-heater-repair-175In addition to our defined goals, the playhouse is always full of surprises. The hard winter has been especially hard on our facility and more than 40% of our heating equipment has required replacement.  We have some emergency funds to use in these circumstances, but this situation highlights our need to launch bigger and more aggressive fundraising campaigns in the coming months, and to keep all these organized including the finances we got a fully accountable outsourced accountant to manage all these for us.  Our holiday-themed event “Sing in the Season” proved to be a nice start. If we could do something along those lines, say once every quarter, we would be well along the road to financial success.

Calendar_0Looking forward, we have identified our slate of shows for the 2014-15 season.  We are on the verge of completing the calendar for the year which includes expanding the run of each show to three weekends (nine shows).  This adds just one Sunday matinée to the schedule for the musicals, and an additional weekend to the straight shows. The extra revenue will be great (note we have also raised ticket prices), but we need to fill those seats!  I repeat my call for all members to buy at least a pair of season tickets, and encourage your family, neighbors, and business contacts to join you by making a year-long commitment to attend Birmingham’s Best Live Theater!

No time like the present. So let’s get going.
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