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So It’s 2014!

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The-Coyle-Group-Philadephia-Appraisers-2014So it’s 2014! Sounds like a very futuristic date from a Ray Bradbury Sci-Fi novel I am sure I read back in the 60’s! It is  hard for me to imagine that I have been a member of Village Players for 35 years! A lot of ‘past’ (for me) to review as well as a bunch of ‘future’ (of Village Players) to look forward to! I like to think that I have contributed a lot of sweat equity to bring Village Players to its current place in the community. In fact, we have all played so many roles throughout the years: Whether you have wielded a hammer, paintbrush or needle and thread or brought brownies to an afterglow or written a check to sustain your membership or tap-danced across the stage or…or…well, you get the idea. The list goes on and on, as do the choices we make about where we spend our time, energy, and money.

The organization has grown from a small group of novice thespians who simply wanted the arts to be an integral part of their lives, to what it is today. Today individuals from far and near grace our stage in a series of high-standard, quality productions that amaze our audiences and keep them coming back for more. Additionally we have a program to encourage and develop the talents of our youth and their participation in theater. We also support the art of playwriting; another focus of our craft. So many plates in the air; it is absolutely awesome!

What does all this take, you ask, besides sweat equity and dedication? Your indulgence please: The sale of tickets to every performance is, of course, necessary. So, by all means, buy and sell tickets!! Promote the virtues of theatre every chance you have AND, last but not least, consider donating to the endowment fund. This is an ambitious endeavor, I know, but with the dedication of many, Village Players will continue for many years to come!

–Diane D’Agostino

Our usual blogger, Gary Mach, is on vacation through the month of January. Several VP members are guest blogging in his absence.
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