November 29, 2013 in Mach's Musings

A Day of Thanks at VP

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Village Players Thank You List thankful-600-x-600

Thanks to the Members–You keep the place alive with you talent, hard work, membership fees, sponsors like the local Super88 casino and overall support.

Thanks to the Production Teams–Those who go the extra mile by directing or producing a show (a somewhat thankless role) or by taking responsibility for a Committee, building a set and more.

Thanks to our Advertisers –Those in the community who support VP.  Members: check out our program advertisers and be sure to thank the businesses for their support.

Thanks to the Former VP Presidents–I am personally thankful to each former president for stewarding the organization, meeting challenges, solving problems, and always ensuring that the “show goes on!”

Thanks to the Donors—Those with stars, floor tiles, listings in our lobby or our programs. You enable us to grow and expand to what we have today.

Thanks to Cathie—For the partnership that has developed with the Village Youth Theatre. It’s a great source of talent.

Thanks to Steve–For being Mr. Everything, even though that is more than one person should ever have to be.

Thanks to Tim–For his wise counsel and steady hand on the finances.

Thanks to Susie–For accepting the President-elect role, which means a two-year commitment to the daily madness.

Thanks to Dale— For allowing me to watch the madness from the next chair last year.

Thanks the Members of the Board of Directors— For allowing me to lead this year.

Thanks to the Board of Trustees–For their wise and steady financial leadership.

Thanks to Kathleen and the Play Reading Committee–For putting together a great slate of proposed shows for our 2014-15 season.

Thanks to Directors Who Submitted Proposals—For their help in crafting the 2014-15 season.

Thanks to Season Ticket Holders—Whose ranks have increased by 33% this season.

Thanks to our Patrons–Who have kept us above 80% occupancy so far this season.

Thanks for Manageable Building Repairs—The roof repair is complete. Now, about the two furnaces that need to be repaired/replaced…

Thanks to Everyone—For coming together to support and share in our mutual love of live theatre. None of us could do it alone; it truly takes a “Village!”

today i am thankful for orange-2(P.S.: What/whom are you thankful for at Village Players? Submit your names and deeds to the end of this blog)

Jake Badalamenti
James Badalamenti