October 2, 2013 in Mach's Musings

Help Wanted

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help_wantedNow that our 91st Season is up and running, it’s time to take a look around and see how things are going. Let’s see: Going great for the most part, but we could use some help.

1)      Publicist/Media Relations – Our long time, and I mean REALLY long time uber-dedicated volunteer/member team of Joan and John Reddy have concluded their term as our house publicist team.  We need one or two individuals to step up and master the fine art of media relations to keep our name in the news.  The Reddy’s have left behind a solid template for this activity. The primary task of this job is to organize, write and release the media kits prior to each show to garner some attention in the press.  This includes arranging for and staging the “press photos.” Contact Susie Gardiner for more details. (sjg1772@hotmail.com)

2)      Fundraiser – I am sure among our members there is someone with experience in raising funds for not-for-profit institutions.  We need someone to organize our efforts so we have a well-thought-out and consistently applied campaigns throughout the year to raise funds for a variety of our needs including our newly launched endowment fund, building maintenance, and other special projects. Contact Gary Mach with your ideas. (gary16006@live.com)

3)      Party Host/ess – Do you like to throw parties?  Wouldn’t it be great to throw a party for glamorous people in a wonderful location that is not your own home?  If this describes you, we want you to play Host/Hostess for our Opening Night Gala Afterglows.  Each show deserves a celebratory send-off on opening night.  Black Tie, red carpets, searchlights, movie stars, you get the picture. Contact Michael Gravame to sign up for one of our four remaining opening nights! (littletevye@yahoo.com)

4)      Carpenters – There is no greater sense of accomplishment than working with your hands to create something physical that will be seen and appreciated by hundreds of other people.  We are talking about set building and stage prop construction.  If you know your way around a workshop, we can put you to work immediately.  If you need some practice and training, we have the perfect place for you to start, right now. Set construction is Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights from 7 – 9 p.m.  Just show up!

5)      Advertising Sales – Are you a natural born salesperson?  Can you walk into a business “cold” and come away with a commitment to advertise in our program or on our website?  Do you hunger for fresh territory in one of the most erudite and fashionable communities in the fourth wealthiest county in the entire nation? If you have the time, we have the challenge! Contact Ad Sales Coordinator, Susie Gardiner for more information.(sjg1772@hotmail.com)

–Gary Mach