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What’s the difference between being “just involved” and “truly committed?”  Think about ham and eggs: The chicken is just involved, but the pig is truly committed!

involved_volunteerVP is a volunteer organization. One of the nice things about being a volunteer is that you can pretty much set your own hours and determine your own level of involvement.  After all, what’s the worst that can happen—you’ll be fired?  (snicker, snicker) Of course many who are “committed” to the club feel a stronger attachment–some for social reasons, some for artistic ones, and some for other personal reasons.

I’m sure those of you who read this blog are pretty much the “committed” types.  So here is my question: How do we move the “just involved” to the “truly committed” level?  One way is to seek out and “groom” or train your replacement.  This is particularly necessary when your commitment fills an ongoing need, such as box office, set building, directing, producing, and pretty much everything else.  What happens if you’re not available one day?  Is there someone ready and willing to take over your duties?

I used to run a Leadership Program which focused on influencing people to acknowledge the need to identify and train their own replacement. None of us is irreplaceable, after all. The best favor you can do for the club is to ensure that someone is ready and able to fill your shoes.

volunteersAlthough we’re less than halfway into the year, our 91st season already seen a lot of transition. Several members who have toiled long and hard behind the scenes have decided it’s time for others to fill their shoes. These people are not easily replaced. Their jobs have required special expertise, dedication to the club, and that most important and elusive quality, time. Their commitment has enabled VP to run smoothly. We are extremely appreciative of their time and efforts, and they won’t be easily replaced.

What can you do?  JFK said, “Ask not…”  Others have said, “train your replacement.” Still others have said if you remain a positive force in the lives of others, good things will come to pass.

Hopefully you are now asking, “How can I help?” Glad you asked.  We are seeking people with time and perhaps some expertise to help in sales and marketing (Marketing Committee meets this Saturday at 3 p.m. in the Green Room), public relations, membership, social media, event planning, fund-raising. Don’t forget the details of your event by buying chair covers and linens. If you know a member, or someone who should be a member, looking to help, suggest they join us. They just might become involved, maybe even committed.

–Gary Mach