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A Week in the Life of VP-It’s All Good

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Lot’s going on lately.  Too much? Nah, it’s all good!

WRCJOn Air Fundraiser: This week Friday, 1 p.m. be sure to tune into WRCJ (90.9 FM) to hear BOT President Cathie Badalamenti, and BOD President-Elect Susie Gardiner “on the air” with host Chris Felcyn as they talk about Village Players and help raise funds for WRCJ.  Tune in, call in, pledge money!


cat-on-a-hot-tin-roofCall for Directors:  The Board of Directors has narrowed the list of shows under consideration for the 2014-15 Season and set November 9th as the date for the Director presentations. Non-musicals include: Amadeus, Brighton Beach Memoirs, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Virginal Woolf. Musicals include: Songs for a New World, Sweeny Todd, Thoroughly Modern Mille, and Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. Interested in directing? Contact Michael Gravame (littletevye@sbcglobal.net) for more information, a submission form, and an appointment to present.

p@wP@W Fall Shorts and Sweets: The event was held last Saturday night.  First time I have participated in this program.  Very interesting!  Reading the short works from scripts gives you a very “artsy” feeling; all actors should try it! You are in on the development of a new work and get to help shape the character and their words. Nice party afterward, too!  P@W will do it all again in April. Plenty of time to get your script in shape!

Company Set Building:  Still building sets on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7 p.m.  Only a few more sessions left.  Could still use help!  C’mon out, 7 p.m. After that it is set painting and decoration. Contact Producer Bryan Conroy for more info.

company_notextCompany Opening Night: We are once again hoping to “put on the ritz” for Opening Night, Friday, November 1st. All VP Members are invited to join the gala and help make it a special event.  Formal attire, red carpets, maybe even a search light!  Please join us and help welcome the new members and the opening night audience.  BOD Treasurer Kevin Bradshaw has plans to launch a special fund-raising raffle that you don’t want to miss!

FDRVillage Youth Theatre is in rehearsals for “Annie.”  A couple of the old guys have agreed to pitch in and join the cast in a couple of the old guy roles.  I’ll be handling the Daddy Warbucks (no, I don’t think I’ll shave my head), and Treasurer Tim Wittlinger returns to the stage to portray FDR, or Franklin Delano Roosevelt for those of you not into presidential initials. This show opens on December 12 for five performances.

Misc.: Along the way we still need help with ad sales, graphic design, and fundraising. If any of these are you, give me a call.

–Gary Mach