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The Quiet before the Storm

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We have just over a week to go until the opening of our 91st Season. There are lots of thoughts swirling about in my head, how about yours?

Usher head sculpt 01USHERS: We still need ushers for the run of the show.  Treasurer Kevin Branshaw is responsibile for managing this process. If you can help us out, please contact Kevin at: and let him know what nights (or matinees) you are available.

OPENING NIGHT: As of a today, we’ve only sold 72 seats for opening night.  That won’t do!!  Get on the horn (or Facebook, Twitter, or whatever your preferred vehicle of communication these days) and talk up the show among your friends and relations.  Hold a theatre party!  Get a group of ten together, buy 10 tickets, go out for dinner first and dessert afterwards!  Heck, this might even get to be a regular thing!  What fun!  How stylish!

SHOWTIME: While you are checking your calendar, drop a line to Michael Gravame, producer for “Regrets Only” and ask if there is anything you can do to help get the first show up and running. There may be some set painting, costume making, or even a few spots on the running crew that need filling.  It’s a great time to step up and join the team! Contact Michael at

PLAYHOUSE: We solved the “stinky kitchen” problem (dead rat behind the counter) with the help of “Handyman Kevin,” and now we are trying to spruce up for the season.  We have fixed and painted the refuse corral, the west side of the building, and the interior lobby columns (well, the first one at least), and we trimmed the bushes…  If you know of needed repair, please give Steve a shout as he is keeper of the handyman list!

Season-Ticket-GraphicSEASON TICKETS: Season ticket sales are up 33% over last year!  Way to go!!!  We are at around 400 sold at this point, or, another way of thinking about it, two sold out houses out of every run!  There is a small but enthusiastic group working on a campaign to boost these sales even higher.  The goal is 600!  Look for special promotions and a curtain speech during Regrets to drive this project to success.  If you had planned to buy yours but haven’t gotten around to it yet, this would be a great time!

can-stock-photo_csp8170022PLAYERS DINING CLUB:  How tasty does this sound: A Dining/Theatre package in partnership with nearby restaurants.  Park once, enjoy a meal for a fixed price, and then return to the restaurant after the show for dessert and entertaining conversation!  Coming soon to Village Players, Birmingham’s Best Live Theater!


–Gary Mach