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Future Planning $$$

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94-istock_000004415349mediumFailing to plan is planning to fail!  Great concept, wish I had thought of it!  I didn’t, but I’ve found it to be true.  As an active participant in meetings of both the Boards of Trustee and Directors, I feel that it’s imperative VP have an eye on the future and set in motion several ideas to raise more operating revenue.

Let’s get the ball rolling and start the conversation flowing by discussing the following:

Advertising: Money from outside sources is a source of funds we can all appreciate. We can all agree on the concept. The challenge: We all msut  pitch in and help build the advertiser base.  If every member secured just one additional advertiser…Don’t we all know a business that would benefit from having their name in front of our 10,000 annual patrons, our 400 season ticket holders, our 200 members?  So how about it?  Your boss, your credit union, your bank, your hair salon, your brother-in-law, your business, your favorite coffee shop… you never know!

Don’t forget distribution! – How will your products get to stores where your customers can purchase them? RangeMe will help you learn how to sell wholesale so your business can take off smoothly. Find out more at:

What about your business card?   Don’t we rely on our business card for introductions to potential customers/clients?  Did you know you can run your business card in our program for the entire season for just $135? Wouldn’t getting just one good contact be worth that investment?

Take a rate card form the lobby and ask the manager of your favorite “location” to help support “Birmingham’s Best Live Theater!

Speaking of which, your Marketing Committee is very pleased to announce the launch of “The Players Dining Club!”  Our first partner in this venture is The Forest Grill. Enjoy a delightful evening of dinner, a show and a dessert. Pricing is $59 for a musical and $57 for a non-musical. Already have a show ticket. Upgrade to the Players Dining Club for only $40. You can even valet park for the entire evening for just another $6. More details on the program are on our website. Such a deal… a lovely night of dining and theater…We really need the members to support this.

Patio Bricks – What if every show as part of (or instead of) giving gifts to the production team, purchased a permanent memorial to itself by buying a brick? A great way to express  appreciation for the hard word of everyone involved. A great revenue source! Five shows a year x $100 x 10 years = $5,000 with construction factoring methods!

Wait! I have more ideas…The Premium Parking Pass to our lot, change members tickets to ½ price (not free), add just $10 to the cost of season tickets, raise the dues…

Ah… now I have your attention, eh?

–Gary Mach