August 30, 2013 in Mach's Musings

Theater Tour or “What’s up in da ‘Hood?”

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Regular readers know that one of my personal projects is to build bridges with our neighboring community theatres in the hopes of finding ways to collaborate and cooperate.  As a start, I spent a morning touring their websites.  Here is what’s up in the “hood.”

We all know SC is taking on mega-show “Les Miserables”  September 6 through September 29.  They have 51 performers in the cast, and I am sure half again as many in the pit.  Kudos to them for tackling this “giant-sized” piece. They have a big stage and a big budget; I am sure it will be a big hit.

St. Dunstan's TheatreSt. Dunstan’

St. D’s opens their 76th season on October 11 with “Boeing Boeing.” The show runs through October 26. Their website needs some updating as it still shows their 2012-13 season. I just learned that Janie Minchella, who is in our production of “Regret’s Only” (and is one of the most hysterically funny character actresses I have ever worked with) is their new Recording Secretary; maybe I can personally request an update.

Farmington PlayersFarmington

Farmington kicks off their 60th season with “Dracula.” Wisely, they pushed the show schedule back into the Halloween season, opening on October 11 and running through November 2.  Hopefully their timing will sell lots of tickets.  Nice marketing!

Grosse Pointe TheatreGrosse Pointe Theatre –

Grosse Pointe, our east side neighbors open their 65th season with “Gypsy.” The show runs September 15 – 28.  I see they plan to tackle “Le Miz” later in the season.  However, the most interesting thing I learned is that my dear friend and frequent on-stage partner, Jenni Clark, has written and directed an original work called “The Secret” that will be presented just once on September 16 following the GPT Membership meeting. Love you, Jenni!!!

Ridgedale PlayersRidgedale

I am old enough to remember the original Ridgedale building perched on the border of Pleasant Ridge and Oak Park (not Ferndale). I wonder why it is not called Ridgepark or Ridgeoak?  Regardless, they open with “Steel Magnolias” on September 13. It runs through September 28 with Tom Arwady as A.D., and Tony Kruzman as Stage Manager.

Avon PlayersAvon  Way up north, Avon opens their 66th season with “Little Women.”  I have to admit I don’t get out their way much, but I know they take on some interesting challenges from time to time. If you go, let me know how it works out for them!

pgd_newlogo_brown Players Guild of

Dearborn opens with “The Fantasticks” September 13 – 29. This is their 86th Season which makes them almost as old as Village Players. The Fantasticks is a great piece of theater.  Way back, I was in a production of this show at the old Macomb Barn.  Mary Callaghan Lynch played Luisa (dropping names here).  I played the “Old Man,” a role I have been growing into ever since.

–Gary Mach