August 21, 2013 in Mach's Musings

Opening Night Checklist

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In preparation for our gala 91st Season Opener (Friday, September 13), I’ve put together a checklist of things-to-do:

Volunteer on Production Committee. Check with “Regrets” Producer, Michael Gravame ( to see if any of the production committees still need help.  If so, volunteer.

Help with Last Minute Set Construction. The last few sessions of set building will be held this upcoming Monday and Wednesday nights at 7 p.m. Step up, help out. Check the “VP Postings” to be sure or call ahead.

Volunteer as an Usher. Contact Kevin Branshaw, Usher Team Coordinator. (

Get Tuxedo Cleaned/Pressed. Oh, the heck with it, just buy a new one. There are interesting and relatively inexpensive new Tuxedo styles at Todd’s Menswear on 11 Mile in Royal Oak.  Especially if you are around a size 40, which I am NOT, yet!

Not wearing a tux, ladies? It is my understanding that the vintage and resale shops in Birmingham and Royal Oak can be a great place to find that stunning dress. Want something new? How about Somerset (Macy’s, Saks, Neiman, Nordstrom’s) or the Rack?

Make Dinner Reservations.  How about a place you’ve not tried before?  Be sure to tell your hostess and your wait staff that you are going to the Village Players.  That way, when our ad salespeople call, the restaurant will understand the importance of advertising in the Playbill and/or on our website!

Reserve a Limo, Order Flowers. Why not? Go all out. Add some fun, and maybe some romance.

Purchase Tickets!!! Did you get your tickets?  Season tickets?  An extra pair for your friends/relatives/co-workers? There’s still time.

Invite Friends/Relatives/Co-workers. Tell them you will pick them up in the limo. LIVE LIFE LARGE!

Bring a Dish for the Afterglow. Costco, you rock!

Research Dinner Small Talk. Try to sound cultured, erudite (you arrived in a limo for goodness sake!)  No sports. No Detroit/Bankruptcy.  Talk culture – newest movies, latest books you have read (you DO still read books, don’t you, even something called a “Kindle?!?), shows you have seen (Waterworks Shakespeare in the Park), shows you plan to see (Stagecrafters’ “Le Mis”), shows you will be trying out at VP (men, and I mean ALL MEN, “Inherit the Wind,”31 male roles) or (women – female tour de force, “Jimmy Dean,” 9 female roles).

Arrive to Show.  Arrive early so you can “be seen” gliding about the lobby, French air- kissing your fellow glitterati…both cheeks, please!

Brace for the Pre-curtain Speech. –The President insists!!

Enjoy the Intermission Buzz. Skip the candy bar in favor of an extra glass of wine later!

Praise the Performers for a Job Well Done. Applause, Bravo, Standing Ovation.

Bask in the Afterglow. Here’s where the new tuxedo/new dress really pays off.

“Dahling… you look MAHVELOUS…”

“LOVED the show… loved you… great characters… great direction… set was wonderful… costumes exquisite…”

“I have to tell my friends…”

Stay late, be among the last to leave…

Tip the Limo Driver. Cash is always preferred!

Wind Down with a Night Cap. And then????

–Gary Mach