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OK, I’m geeked!  I’m not sure if that’s because I’m naturally a “geek,” or because I’m so pleased with the Board of Director’s response to my challenge to take a proactive role as a Board member.  A bit of background: At the first full meeting of this new group of VP leaders, I asked each member to review his/her area of responsibility, to understand the status of each function, and then to define an “improvement” project to undertake.  The results are very promising!  Here are their plans:

Gary M, President, plans to get serious about his long held dream to “do something” to foster greater cooperation among our nearby community theatre “neighbors.” Convene a meeting of the leaders of these groups (St.D’s, Stagecrafters, Ridgedale, Farmington, Avon …) and see if we can generate some synergy for cooperation and collaboration.

Susie G, President Elect, plans to tackle the promising area of advertising sales with a tie-in to our website.  Imagine that when a patron buys tickets on our website, before we let them sign off we ask if they would like dinner reservations at one of the nearby restaurants. We would get paid for making these connections, and I am sure the patrons would love the service!!

Helen M plans to further advance our “membership services” by launching a committee to study and improve our relations with members, boost involvement, more closely embrace new members and hopefully increase retention and build membership numbers.

Pam D has taken on the task of being our recording secretary and Pam_Dundasstill has found time to catch up on the “Hall of Presidents” in the Green Room.  She also gets the “Historian” duties and needs to find a “season chair” for makeup. Any takers?


Michael G will be working on costumes (now Costumesthere’s a surprise!) and relations with season ticket holders (just wait until opening night!). As Social Chair, he is bringing back the Season Tea on September 28th.  Dust off your bowler, get out your white gloves, and act civilized for heaven’s sake…it’s tea!


flowersSofia M has plans to inventory our props. ‘nuf said!


Kevin B, in addition to serving as Treasurer, wants to improve the usher corps by offer training and implementing a exciting idea called “The Usher Swap!”

Sound EquipmentTom S plans to dive right into one of our most critically needed areas, Sound Board training!… eh?  (Maybe lights, too ?!?)


Laura B-T has taken over as Editor of the Prompter.  Look for changes that will continue to enhance this vital member communication vehicle.

Next time you see these folks, give them some sugar and ask them how YOU can help make VP “all that it can be!” –Gary Mach