March 22, 2013 in Mach's Musings


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Having documented the activities of opening night, we now turn to the other end of the spectrum–set strike following the last performance of “Little Shop of Horrors.”



Set Strike Buzz:

“Are you in Camelot?” “Yes, Sir Lionel.” “Oh, then you get to die and get resurrected!”

“Mordred’s a great part.  You can steal the show.”

Producer to Orchestra: “OK the contracts, please return copies.”

1st act of demolition- taking flowers out of the coolers.

Priscilla Benson & Betsy Todd: “Good show, Kevin!”

4:24 p.m. 1st screw gun on stage.  Taking screws out of the counter/table.

Cast member to friend standing in front of stage: “Now we have to break everything down and put the costumes away.  I have to go home and let my dog out.”

Voice of The Plant to his fans: “This is the first show I have been in where I did not have to be on stage.”

“This is my girlfriend, Julian.”

“Are you Irish?  “No, I’m black.”

“All the trouble to put that together (sigh).”

The sound of stacking chairs in the auditorium.

“It’s kind of sad how it is all coming down.”

“Put it back up!  Let’s do another two weekends!”

“Brian, did you unplug mine?”

“Now, that was weird!”

“Ryan, can you give me a hand getting the stairs out?”

“Where’s the magnet?”

“How do these come out?”

“This screw is stripped.  I don’t know if I can get it out.”

“Dave, get me an open-ended wrench.”

“I got it, I got it, don’t worry.”

“This thing keeps turning and turning and it won’t come off.”

“Here’s a souvenir for you.”

“Let’s put the plant on the floor.”

“You’ve got to grab ahold of it.”

“Lay them down flat so you don’t have to work over your head.”

“Who stapled the curtains to the wall?”

Seen on t-shirt: Kiss me I’m a Wolverine

“All the short stuff is mine!” “Who you callin’ short stuff?”


“Nicole, you don’t know your own strength!”

“God damn it!”

“We’ll have to cut that out of there.”

5:12 p.m. – Injury report. An unattended board falls striking Dez above the right eye. Fortunately, Jason Dilly (The Dentist) is an eye surgeon in real life. He examines Dez and declares it a scratch of the eyelid, not the eye itself, but he still make a claim for workplace injury and got help from an injury lawyer from to get compensation for this.

ANNOUCEMENT: “Please wear safety glasses!”

“And the walls come a tumblin’ down.”

“Are you saving that?”

“When you take things apart without a plan you end up with chaos.  When you put them together without a plan you have chaos!”

“I did find one… over there.”

“HEADS: Pipe coming in!”

“Don’t worry about the foam.  The foam is going…”

“Chunks will fall off this (clunk) Look out!”

“This is not the safest strike I have ever seen.” “What, you from OSHA?”

“How many are staying for dinner?”

“There has got to be a way to keep the food smell off the stage.”

“We are running out of space…everything has to fit in the dumpster.”

“Aren’t you finished yet?” (6:10)

And we are….  Construction of Camelot starts Tuesday, 3/19.  –Gary Mach