February 8, 2013 in Mach's Musings

Little Shop – No Horrors

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Ryan Patrick Quinn, Jude Purcell and Bert Fager hard at work on the Little Shop set.

The playhouse was a buzzin’ on Wednesday night as work continues to mount our Village Players’ production of “Little Shop of Horrors.”   The set is finally taking shape, and we had a great turn out of carpenters, new and old, working all about the stage. Old timers (they know I love ‘em) Tony Kruzman and Bert Fager worked with Director/Designer/Master Carpenter/Mr. Everything (and Little Shop personified), Kevin Branshaw, to fashion the two-sided flower coolers that will form the west wall of Mushnik’s Flower Shop. Famed tappin’ terpsichore Ryan Partick Quinn  (husband of Little Shop cast member, Laura Quinn) showed up and in just a few short hours, aided by our very own “Seymour,” (Jude Purcell) whipped out the framing for the front of the flower shop, a very big addition to the work-completed checklist. Production Supervisor, Gary Mach, and House and Grounds Chair, Diane D’Agostino, debated the fine art of flying the flower shop front, a big task to be undertaken at the next regular set-build day with the drywall adhesive, 6 p.m. Monday, Feb. 11. (See you there?)  David Sobe, a fresh face, walked in off the street and announced that he would “like to get involved.” (A theatre angel in disguise?) He confessed he was new to construction (having previously worked lights and sound) but it wasn’t long before we had an impact driver fitting comfortably in his hand. Filling out the busy crew were stalwart Bryan Conroy (the 2011 ABBY Award winner) and cast member Rodney Rice, a big help and a regular part of the team.  Even Producer Steve Roberts was a hammerin’ and drillin’ with the best of them as the unforgiving deadline of opening night looms (March 1). Later, Director Kevin was asked about his lifetime obsession with Little Shop, having been involved in six productions over the years. Turns out Kevin has played all of the male roles in the show at different times, and even one of the female roles, Clare Boothe Luce, author, actress, Ambassador.  His favorite is the dentist, because “you can’t play it too big!”  His first production was as “Seymour” in 1990 for Avon Players.  Just a couple years ago he played Mushnik for St. D’s.  Kevin says the hardest part of directing is verbalizing your vision for the characters and then letting the actors use their own life’s experiences to act the part.  When asked what audiences will remember about Village Players’ production, Kevin paused and proclaimed “that Jason Dilly [Dr. Orin Scrivello] is one cra-a-azy dude!”  Can’t wait.  Tickets on sale now!  –Gary Mach

Tony Kruzman and Dave Sobe Check Out Bryan Conroy’s Work on the Little Shop Set